High Level Cleaning

High level cleaning

Ideal for accessing and cleaning building cladding or gutters.

Our cherry pickers are ideal for accessing high up, hard to reach parts of a building. The combination of height and reach that they provide allows you to access even the most difficult places, making them ideal for cleaning.

High Level Inspection

High level inspection

Access and inspect high level, hard to reach places with a minimum of fuss.

Having the right equipment, as well as a skilled and qualified operator to work with, makes it quick and easy to carry out challenging, high level inspection jobs. 

High Level Maintenance

High level maintenance

Our cherry pickers are ideal for all kinds of high level work.

Street lighting, security cameras, and road signage - all require high level access for maintenance or repair work. Having a skilled, fully qualified operator makes it easy for you to get the job done.

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Cherry picker specifications

High quality .  Well maintained . High performing equipment

The Multitel MX250 is a vehicle mounted platform offering 25m of working height and up to 12.20 (80 KG) of working outreach, making it an extremely high performing 'up and over' or articulated chassis mounted platform. 

About our cherry pickers

Our cherry pickers have proportional electrohydraulic controls from both control posts, hydraulic cage levelling, synchronous multi-stage telescope cylinders, internal hose and cable ducts and hydraulic check valves on all

For additional safety there is an emergency hand pump, emergency stop on both control stations and an engine start-stop on both control stations. They also have telescope retainer and turret rotation blocking in trasport position as well as an automatic centering device for the boom stowage.


MX 250 specifications

Max working height 25.30 m
Max Platform Height: 23.30 m
Max Working Outreach 9.20 m (200Kg) - 12.20 (80kg)
Turret rotation 400°
Cage rotation 90°+ 90°
Boom telescopic amplitude 11.80 m
Max cage dimensions 1.40 x 0.70 x 1.10 m
Safe working load on cage 200 kg
Max admissible slope

Our Client Testimonials

“Brilliant service, the equipment is always in good working order and the operators are extremely skilled which helps us get our job done.”

Max Morris - The Jet Washing Company